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For Infants, Toddlers and Moms.
Join other Jewish parents and kids as we explore the child's world through story, song, cooking, crafts and circle time.

Each class marks the beginning of a new adventure for your little person. Our innovative curriculum is designed to provide your toddler with challenges and opportunities that nurture feelings of competence.

Moms and tots will enjoy a new theme incorporating movement exercises, music, sensory play and crafts. Free play provides a time for your child to explore and develop his or her earliest friendships. A healthy snack is provided for both moms and tots.

We look forward to seeing you!

To register or for more info. Please e-mail


Mommy & Me is a series of innovative classes that allow moms and tots to experience Jewish tradition in a stimulating, fun and creative environment. It is designed to be a place where your child’s imagination can soar, providing the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

At Mommy & Me, activities are interactive, allowing parents to be active participants in their child’s development. We believe learning occurs in babies and toddlers when they are presented with appropriate challenges and are free to explore their world.

You will be amazed at what your child will learn. And you will connect with other Jewish parents. Mommy & Me promises to be the highlight of the week for you and your little one. 

We hope you’ll join us as we explore the magic of a child’s world!

Tzipora Labkowski 

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