Duties of the heart / חובת הלבבות

  Every Jew has faith in Hashem (G-D), as it says "we are believers and sons of believers",  the challenge in our day to day life is whether or not we truly TRUST in him that everything is for our good.

In this class we will be learning from a book written in the Temple times called "Duties of the heart" - חובבת הלבבות which guides us and helps us understand the love and relationship a father has to his child and how this is even more so with us and Hashem (G-D).

Join us Every Tusday evening starting from Janurary 21, at 7:45pm at Chabad.

3574 Mount Diablo Blvd Lafayette, CA 94549 

For more Info email us at or call (347) 257-9229 



This class is given by Rabbi Avrohom Chayempour who serves as the Associate Rabbi and Program Directer of Chabad of Lamorinda.

Rabbi Chayempour has been teaching and giving classes on varies subjects for many years around the US and Canada. He's lively, energetic, clear and has touched many with his talks and classes.