You can sponsor a Kiddush to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, yahrzeit, or any significant event. If you prefer, it is also possible to co-sponsor a Kiddush. We also welcome contributions to the General Kiddush Fund. Please call with any questions and to reserve your kiddush date.


The week’s sponsor(s) has the opportunity to speak about the event for which they are sponsoring the Kiddush, and are/is encouraged to say a few words about their occasion, the Torah portion of that week, or any Jewish topic. The Rabbi or Rebbetzin will be glad to help the sponsor(s) prepare their remarks.

At Chabad Jewish Center we offer different Kiddush options.

Basic Kiddush $360
Challah / Cake / Cholent / Fresh Salad / 3 Additional Salads / Drinks / L’Chaims / Papergoods

Special Kiddush $540 
Challa Rolls / Cholent / Fresh Salad / 4 Additional Salads / Cake / Lox OR Cold Cuts / Kugel / Drinks / L’Chaims / Papergoods

Deluxe Kiddush $1,000 
Challah Rolls / Pastries / Fresh Salad / 5 Additional Salads / Kugel / Drinks / L’Chaims / Papergoods / your choice of Lox, Herring & Whitefish OR Cold cuts/ Burekas & Meat in Cholent

Lavish Kiddush 
Call to discuss specifics.

All above options serve 35 people.

If you would like to discuss specifics for a more Lavish Kiddush or for larger amounts of people please call us to discuss.

To reserve a Kiddush please call Chabad at 925-384-7242 or click here to email.