Mazal Tov on the newest addition to your family!

There are few joys that are greater than, as a parent, welcoming a new child into the world. The bris (for boys) and naming ceremony (for girls) gives families, friends and the entire community the opportunity to celebrate the new life. It is also an important event in marking the entrance into covenant with God and the Jewish people. Chabad of Lamorinda delights in the birth of each baby in the greater Jewish community. We will facilitate, arrange, assist and familiarize the family with the entire process to make it the experience and the joy it is meant to be.

If you are expecting (or have just had) a boy, you may be considering a Brit Milah/circumcision or Bris ceremony for your son. This ritual, which occurs on the eighth day of the baby’s life, includes the timeless ceremony of circumcision and the formal entry into the covenant of the Jewish people. A Brit Milah, is a physical symbol of the relationship between G‑d and the Jewish people. It is a constant reminder of what the Jewish mission entails. The ritual is carried out by a skilled Mohel and is a joyous celebration marking the entrance of another Jewish male into the covenant of Abraham. Traditionally, the Hebrew name is announced at this time as well, linking him both to his family and to the historic tradition of our people.

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