Open to the public! Men & Women!

High holidays! Whether you're affiliated or unaffiliated with a synagogue or temple, these questions always come to mind:

Am I Jewish if I don't at all practice?

Does G-D care about me if I don't (think I) care about him?

Never went to synagogue in my life, why go this year?

I don't keep G-D's commandments and religious rituals, what kind of relationship could I have with g-d?

Join us for a 2 week series while we delve into the special relationship we have with G-D and seek answers to the above questions.

Tuesday September 20 & 27 @ 8:00pm. Refreshments will be served.

790 Solana Drive, Lafayette CA.

For any questions or suggestions please contact us @ 925-384-7242 or email [email protected]