The hours, days, or weeks leading up to a death are usually stressful for everyone.
In addition to the medical issues that arise, we are often worried about what we should say and do. Are we acting properly? Can we do anything to help? What does Jewish tradition ask of us?
Regardless of how religious the dying individual is, there is often comfort in traditions that have been Jewish practice for centuries. 
Chabad of Lamorinda has its very own  chevra kadisha (Hevra kadishah) "sacred society" a group of men and women who see to it that the bodies of deceased Jews are prepared for burial according to Jewish tradition and done with the utmost honor and respect.

We make it our responsibility to help you and your family from beginning to end. There is no need for someone to have to go through this one their own, let us help you.

Any of our Rabbis will be happy to assist you and can be contacted at:

Rabbi Yisroel Labkowski

925 384-7242

[email protected]

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